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First thing first: know your public.

Marketing is a fast-paced industry, and sometimes superficial happens. Gain a competitive advantage by going deep into the substance. It will lead to solutions that fit your specific communication needs. Have a look at my portfolio to learn how I can help. And do get in touch with any questions. Nothing spells creative and serious better than a discussion over a cup of warm infusion.

Photo Andrei Gîndac

Courtesy of unteatru

dakommunication: Welcome

Hi, I’m Daniel. Salut!

I work with independent artists in performing and visual arts to help them better communicate, lobby and become more prominent in front of the funding bodies, the government and the public.

Communication is my middle name, hence dakommunication, but with a lower case d – distinct, balanced, memorable. Like e e cummings. Like my friends, unteatru. Like more than naked. And with a k as in my family name, Kozak. Da as in ”yes”. So, ”yes” to a clearer, expressive, more authentic professional communication for you, your organisation, your project.

My background is in corporate communication and international development with NGOs and IOs. In 2015 I had the opportunity to work with the National Centre for Contemporary Dance in Bucharest , which re-ignited my passion for arts communication.

dakommunication: About Me
Premiile CNDB 2016


Good communication work is like electricity: you cannot see it, but if it is not there you know it is missing.

I consulted and worked for civil society, private sector, international organisations. They all have in common layered audiences and complex topics. My contribution is streamlined, creative communication that ultimately delivers improved visibility and consolidated reputation.

Photo courtesy of CNDB

dakommunication: Clients


project management, strategy and website - 23 artists from 14 countries

promoting international queer art

Foto Brian Scott Peterson

Timisoara 2021

strategy, media relations, social media - 8 months, 80 projects, 400 events, 10,000 articles

Photo Brian Scott Peterson

Foto YAP studio (

Romania Pavilion at Biennale Arte 2019, Venice

media relations, social media and website

Photo YAP studio (


Vanner Collective (pro bono)

press releases for national and local media

Photo Adi Bulboacă

Zilele unteatru 2019


media relations and social media

Zilele unteatru 2019 (pro bono) & 2018, Andrei Șerban @ unteatru, 2018-19 premiers

Vava Ștefănescu, Corina Șuteu and Mihai Mihalcea at the first edition Saloanele Insula 42, 2018.

Insula 42

media relations and social media

Photo courtesy of CNDB

Otilia Cadar at Apollo 110

Otilia Cadar

project management

Photo Otilia Cadar

Making Waves 2018

Making Waves New Romanian Cinema 2018

media relations and social media

Reuters, December 3, 2018 / Female film directors and producers shine in Romanian New Wave

Foto courtesy

Anca Damian

media relations, social media

post-International Film Festival Warsaw 2018, Moon Hotel Kabul opening night in Bucharest and screening with journalists and critics, media relations at Sundance 2019

Foto Adi Bulboacă


strategy, media relations, social media

Photo Adi Bulboacă

more than naked by Doris Uhlich, Premiile CNDB 2015-17, LIKE CNDB 2016-18, Gala by Jérôme Bel

dakommunication: My Work


Set your objectives, so we can set your communications objectives subsequently.

Together we can look at any communication activity as something that can be developed and adjusted taking into account aspirations, possibilities, and the actual outcome.


Assess, plan, learn.

  • Let’s understand the issues first.

  • Line up (y)our ducks.

  • Learn from the experience (debriefing, post-mortem analysis).

Media Relations

Be  newsworthy and accurate, look effortless.

  • Communicate one to one and one to many.

  • Write, read, re-read.

  • Nurture charisma. Block-and-bridge.

Project Management

Prepare, implement, evaluate.

  • Hope for the best, deal with the worst.

  • Act. React. Re-act.

  • Have results, know the difference: outputs vs. outcomes.

Social Media

Create, be consistent & coordinated across platforms, maximise impact.

  • Text and image: content is king.

  • Get your mix of channels right.

  • Use your budget to complement organic reach with paid promotions.

dakommunication: Services


A good word is worth a thousand words.

Find out what people say about dakommunication.

"a creative communication professional well-versed working both independently and in multicultural teams"

Elisabetta Capannelli

"his professional skills are impressive for developing online campaigns and managing high-stress and high-stakes projects"

Elvira Lupsa

"a communications professional with years of World Bank experience who blends creativity with efficiency to deliver well-told and targeted messages, both in writing and video"

Stephanie Slewka

dakommunication: Testimonials


dakommunication: Contact
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